Confirmation classes with Pastor David are held on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00PM in the Fireside Room.  Please contact Pastor David for further information on how to continue with lessons – 250-769-5685.

This is an exciting time for 7th and 8th Graders and their families. Children are dependent on their parents for living faithful Christian lives. Parents must bring them to Sunday school and place the scriptures in their hands. In Confirmation, the children will take steps to becoming a young adult in faith, a person who proudly stands up for Jesus, not because their parents tell them to but because they have learned firsthand that Jesus has called them by name to be His disciple. These are important years in a person’s faith life. Confirmation takes place once a week from late September through April at Grace Lutheran Church.

Rite of Confirmation
When a student has completed the two years of Confirmation, they are eligible for the Rite of Confirmation. They will make a Statement of Faith during worship the Sunday before Confirmation Sunday (which is the Sunday that falls on the Victoria Day Weekend). The Statement of Faith is a short speech which answers the question, “Who is Jesus to me today?” In the Rite of Confirmation, each student affirms his/her Baptism and promises to take greater personal responsibility in their life of faith. God speaks to each Confirmand through the laying on of hands and a special blessing that is given by the Pastor.

Pastor David conducts confirmation classes every Wednesday afternoon at 4:00PM. Please pre-register with Pastor David at 250.769.5685.