We have recently made Grace Videos available Sunday afternoon.
The videos are in Chronological order.
We recommend you bookmark this link, and you will always be able to directly find the latest video.
Mimi will still send out an email link on Monday or Tuesday.

Some older videos may not be available for viewing at this time. This is under revision, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

GLC Weekly Worship Services

Locate the keyword ‘Video’ at the far right of our blue banner menu above. Hover over that word to choose your desired month.

When that page opens, click to select the appropriate date within that month, then click on the red ‘Video‘ link, which will load the video.  Simply click on the ‘play’ arrow in the lower left of the video screen and enjoy!

In some cases it may be desirable to “Download” the file to save a personal copy or to watch when not connected to Internet.
The Download button is below the Titles, it will give you several options of different size files.
The highest resolution files are at the bottom.  The files nearer the top are smaller and will download quicker.
Here are some further technical tips if you are still having issues:
Video Tip 1
Video Tip 2
Note:  The videos can be found in Chronological order at Vimeo